X-Wing Wave Preview Event

This Saturday June 14 Conspiracy Comics will be hosting a Star Wars X-Wing miniatures Assault at Imdaar Alpha preview event at our Burlington Location – 2388 Fairview St.

Registration at 12 noon. Rounds start at 1 pm.
Entry Fee is $10.00.

Players will play in a standard Swiss round tournament where the Top Four ranked finalists will each walk away with one of the four new not yet released miniature ships.

Rebels Z-95
Rebels E-Wing
Imperial TIE Defender
Imperial TIE Phantom

Players will need to bring 100 point squads for both the Imperial and Rebel faction.

During the Swiss standard rounds players may play for which ever faction during the tournament, however in the final match one player MUST play as a Rebel Squad and the other as an Imperial Squad, with the new ships included in their 100 point squads.

So you must be prepared to play either one!