Weekly MTG Standard in Hamilton on Thursdays

Magic players: looking for a place to test out your Standard deck with some regular play before the next big tournament?  You’re in luck!

Conspiracy Comics is now hosting regular weekly Standard tournaments for Magic: The Gathering at our (Westdale) Hamilton location every Thursday night.

Entry fee: $5 and the tournament starts around 6-6:15pm.

Prize pool is determined by the number of entrants and, so long as we reach the minimum 8 participants, the tournament is fully sanctioned in Wizards of the Coast’s DCI system.

If Thursday night doesn’t work for you don’t forget that our Burlington store also runs Standard tournaments on Tuesday nights.

Not familiar with Standard?  Standard, or Type II as it’s often known, is the most popular Constructed format of tournament play for Magic: The Gathering.  Players build a 60 card minimum deck, with option of a 15 card sideboard, from their personal collection but only cards from the two newest cycles of Magic releases and the current base set are legal.  At the current time that means cards from the Innistrad, 2012 Core Set, New Phyrexia, Mirrodin Besieged, and Scars of Mirrodin sets can be used in a Standard format deck.  If that sounds intimidating DON’T WORRY!  Standard is actually the most accessible format of Constructed Magic – hence it’s continuous popularity! – because its focus is on what’s new.  All it takes to start playing Standard is picking up something as simple as an Intro Pack or Event Deck from one of the legal sets and you’re ready to start playing.  If that sounds interesting to you why not put a deck together, drop by Thursday evening, and give it a try?