Two New Releases for Dungeons and Dragons

Need something to spice up your D&D sessions this winter?

Why not check out the two newest releases: The Book of Vile Darkness or Haunted Temples Map Pack!


The Book of Vile Darkness is a supplement that “contains secrets so evil that only the most corrupt souls can gaze upon them without being driven mad or destroyed utterly.”  Two separate softcover books – one for Dungeon Masters and one for players – detail vile monsters, magic items, traps, terrain, diseases, curses, character themes, feats, paragon paths, and even a short adventure featuring the Book of Vile Darkness artifact itself!

Also available is the new Haunted Temples Map Pack.  This inexpensive set contains 3 full-colour, double-sided, 21-by-30 inch battle maps including two never before seen encounter locations: a crumbling cathedral and a haunted chapel with adjoining cemetery.  A great aid for gaming the evocative visuals of these maps can be used as inspiration for entire adventures.

Check both out soon!