Top 20 Comic Series December 2011: Now With More Titles!

After rearranging our new release section at each location we’ve managed to expand the comics Top 10 to a Top 20!  The result?  Even more domination by DC’s New 52 as the third month of each title starts to influence chart position.

Even solid debuts by Marvel’s new Wolverine and the X-Men and Avenging Spider-Man wouldn’t have cracked the old Top 10 and DC takes 14 of 20 spots overall.

Full list after the break.

The December periodical comics Top 20 is based on sales in our three locations in October and November 2011.  Titles in bold are appearing on the chart for the first time.

1. Justice League
2. Batman
3. Action Comics
4. Detective Comics
5. Fear Itself
6. Green Lantern
7. Batman: The Dark Knight
8. Batman and Robin
9. Superman
10. Flash
11. Wolverine and the X-Men
12. Avenging Spider-Man
13. Aquaman
14. Uncanny X-Men
15. Wonder Woman
16. Nightwing
17. Ultimate Spider-Man
18. Swamp Thing
19. Amazing Spider-Man
20. Batgirl