The LOBO Paramilitary X-Mas Special

Comic book readers from back-in-the-day will recognize this adaptation of Keith Giffen and Simon Bisley’s notoriously blood-soaked Xmas special from December of 1991. It features a story with Lobo – the Main Man, the Last Czarnian, Fragger of Bastiches, the most feared assassin in the milky way – taking on his most legendary contract to date: Santa Claus. Despite being a low-budget short from the early 2000s, this fan film is the most faithful onscreen version of Lobo to date, and a worthy Xmas tradition to return to (especially if you don’t have a copy of the 30 year-old comic book in question).

Merry Xmas to all, unless you’re a misbehavin’ little bastich.. then the main man might be comin’ for ya!