The Conspiracy Comics Graphic Novel and Comic Retrospective

Getting ready for holiday shopping and not sure what to get that special geek on your list this Christmas? Have no fear! We at Conspiracy Comics have you covered. Check out some of these great releases from the past year, or stop by the store and talk to one of our helpful staff to get even more great Christmas ideas!




Infinity Issues 1-6
Jonathan Hickman (w) Various (a)

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers, find themselves called away from home to help protect the universe from a race of galactic conquerors known as the Builders. Having won despite all odds, the Avengers find that when they return home they have won the universe but lost the earth! In an event of epic proportions, Hickman weaves together a story that explores the superhero mythology in a new way, re-establishing earth’s heroes as among the best in the universe.

Battling Boy Original Graphic Novel
Paul Pope (w/a)

The city of Acropolis is desperate. It’s hero, Haggard West, is dead and the city is plagued by monsters from the shadowy horrors of the underworld. All hope is lost until salvation comes from a surprising source: a young demi-god on a rite of passage to prove his worth! Comics legend Paul Pope’s electrifying art leaps off the page in this all new tale of superheroes and the gods among us!


Batman Zero Year Parts 1 to 5

Scott Snyder (w) Greg Capullo, Raphael Albuquerque (a)

Scott Snyder’s critically acclaimed run on DC Comics’ Batman continues with Zero Year, a year-long retelling of Bruce Wayne’s first year as Batman! Check out the New 52 version of origins of villains such as the Penguin, the Riddler, and the Red Hood. Make sure you cross this off for the Batman fan on your list!

Nowehre Men TP Vol 01
Eric Stephenson (w) Nate Bellegarde (a)

Science is the new rock’n’roll! So was said at the dawn of a new age of enlightenment that ushered in a boom in scientific advancement. As the research supergroup World Corp, they became the most celebrated scientists of all time. They changed the world and the world loved them for it. But when progress is made at any cost, who ultimately pays the price? Make sure you check out the stunning new series from Image Comics for the science fiction fan on your list. An excellent new series for fans of Manhattan Projects and Arthur C Clarke!

Saga TP Vols 1 and 2
Brian k. Vaughan (w) Fiona Staples (a)

Starting with a birth and the statement “This is how an idea becomes real,” Saga is the smash hit of 2012 and 2013 and is a perfect gift for the adult comic fan on your list. A space opera of epic proportions, follow the trials of Alana and Marko as they seek to make a new life for themselves across a war-ravaged galaxy. Fraught with peril, their quest to find a new home for their daughter pits them against mercenaries, galactic assassins, robotic royalty, authors, and Marko’s own parents. If you’ve missed out on this series so far, don’t wait any longer!

Peter Panzerfaust TP Vol 1 and 2
Kurtis J. Wiebe (w) Tyler Jenkins (a)

Peter is an American freedom fighter in Nazi Germany at the outset of World War 2. Leading a group of French orphans in the resistance, Peter and his crew attempt to thwart the plans of the Nazi threat- lead by SS Captain Haken. In this clever reimagining of Peter Pan, Wiebe and Jenkins bring a story of hope to Germany’s darkest hour.