Manga Spring Picks – Titles to Read In The Sunshine

Spring is here and with the nicer weather it’s good to get outside and spend some time in the sun.  But what do you bring with you to read while basking?  Here are my suggestions for some of the best new releases going into Spring.

IS THIS A ZOMBIE?  Also known as “Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?”  A book that takes the harem genre and turns it upside down into a parody-style comedy with plenty of action.  Ayumu Aikawa is killed one night by a local serial killer then revived as a zombie by an adorable and well-meaning necromancer.  He then drains a local magical girl of her powers and has to use the powers and fight the big “evils” that appear – complete with costume and magical chainsaw.  Add a vampire ninja in his already crowded household and Ayumu has seemingly died and gone to heaven.  But has he really?

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