The Conspiracy Comics Manga Retrospective

For manga fans, nothing beats unwrapping the first volume of what’s bound to be a favourite new series. But wow, our manga shelves are bursting with tried-and-true gems and a host of exciting new titles—where’s a gift buyer to start? Click the link for the official Conspiracy Comics Manga Retrospective and get the scoop on some great manga for the holidays!

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New Anime – Gamers, Girls and the Son of Satan

Keima Katsuragi is an elite among the world of dating-sim gamers.  A game God who can conquer any girl provided she’s not real.  He takes on what he believes to be the ultimate challenge only to find out he’s made a deal with Hell and a demon girl named Elsie to chase lost demons out of real girl’s souls.  Now he must take what he learned in the 2D world and apply it to winning over girl’s hearts in 3D – or die trying.  Will the same rules even apply?

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