Superhero Pops Are Moving Fast

Flash and Superman racing (Justice League Funko Pops)Who you putting your money on in the 1000 kilometre dash? We are betting on The Flash, because Superman’s speed is restricted by the limits of 4D spacetime. The speedforce puts Barry beyond those limits.

Flash and Superman racing is one of the most fun tropes out of DC comics. We posed some Funko Pops to immortalize this moment from the Justice League movie. Technically this was the ending of the 2017 Whedon cut and not included in Zack Snyder’s Justice League from 2021; while the specific pops shown are from the 2017 release, we do also carry newer ZSJL Funko Pops.

We have thousands of pops available right now. It’s a hot market and they move fast, like The Flash. Call or drop into one of our seven stores in the west-GTA, or reserve one for local pickup through our online store.