Spaceman #1

“Not science fiction…  SCIENCE HELL.”

When one of the best creative teams in comics launch an interesting new project it’s generally a good idea to take a look.  When the publisher is kind enough to price a full-sized first issue at only $1 I’d suggest it’s practically irresponsible not to!

Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso, the people behind the conspiracy noir classic 100 Bulllets and this summer’s best Flashpoint title Batman: Knight of Vengeance, are back at DC’s Vertigo imprint with a new nine issue mini-series that debuted this October: Spaceman.

Spaceman is a difficult book.  Difficult to describe; maybe even a little difficult to read.  It’s the style of science fiction or fantasy writing that creates its own world, throws the reader in, and asks them to keep up.  Azzarello’s ear for naturalistic dialogue is pushed further with an almost Clockwork Orange-esque future vernacular and the opening sequence, with a style that evokes the ambiguity of David Lynch, leaves the reader questioning whether what they just read was a dream, flashback, parallel reality, or, most intriguingly, maybe even the “real” reality to the main narrative’s dream (or death vision?).  Meanwhile Risso’s typically moody and richly expressive artwork only helps to reinforce the dystopian tone of the story while immediately conveying the grimy reality of life there.  This is a future full of junk and refuse: broken hardware, broken societies, and broken people.

Spaceman #1 makes the audience do a little bit of work and it’ll probably leave most readers with more questions than answers.  But for a comic that only costs a buck I think that’s just perfect!  Highly recommended for anyone looking for something challenging and different or fans of the creative team’s previous work.