Return to Ravnica Event Deck Now In, Just In Time For Game Day!

Wizards of the Coast has just released two brand new Event Decks “Wrack and Rage” and “Creep and Conquer” just in time for the Return to Ravnica Game Day happening Saturday Oct 26th!

Both of these decks look amazing! Wrack and Rage with its blazingly fast and aggressive play style Vs. Creep and Conquer with its amazingly powerful and resilient creature’s backed by a deadly arsenal of spells. “Wrack and Rage” has been priced at $26.99. The deck features a bunch of cool cards such as Vexing Devil and 2 Stomkirk Noble. “Creep and Conquer” has been priced at $29.99 and the card quality in this deck is absolutely insane! Featuring rares like Thragtusk and Wolfir Silverheart, this deck also features an incredible selection of uncommons like its 4 Vampire Nighthawks and its 4 Strangleroot Geist. For a look a the full deck list for either deck you can check out Wizard’s web page here.

For those of you who are interested in trying out your new standard decks that you have brewed up since the release of Return to Ravnica, come check out any of our 3 Locations Saturday Oct 26th (the store locations and times can be found bellow). The Return to Ravnica Game Day tournament will have a $5 entry fee, and every entrant will receive a full art Dryad Militant! Not only that but in addition to normal Standard event prizing the top 8 players will receive a foil full art Cryptborn Horror!

Burlington, 2388 Fairview St. registration begins at 10am the event will Begin at 11am

Hamilton, 844 King St. W. Registration Begins at 11am and the Event will Begin at noon

Oakville, 233Cross Av. Registration Begins at 11am and the Event will Begin at noon