The new D&D November release Player’s Option: Heroes of the Feywild is in stock now at our Conspiracy Comics locations and goes on sale Friday Nov. 4th!

The Feywild is a world of enchantment and illusion where magic is master and is home to cruel giants, fierce beasts, and devious fairies. This new supplement presents races, classes, character themes, feats, and powers that have a strong connection to the Feywild as well as background information on the inhabitants of this weird and wondrous plane for use by both players AND Dungeon Masters!

Players Option: Heroes of the Feywild will sell for $32.99 and feel free to drop by or call and reserve your copy today!

The special limited edition Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures Dragons Collector Set releases tomorrow as well. This special set contains all five classic chromatic dragons – two with never before seen sculpts! – and will be on sale for $49.99. Because of the limited nature of this release quantities are extremely small at all locations so we cannot place them on hold in advance. If you’re interested make sure to drop by and check them out before they disappear forever!