Peter Panzerfaust #1

Having a bit of the Peter Pan Syndrome myself, I almost always enjoy adaptations of the story (not so much Grimm Fairy Tales Neverland!) and Peter Panzerfaust is a really intriguing take on the classic tale.

Framed by a modern-day interview with an elderly Tootles, the story takes place in Calais during World War II.
We meet the dashing, rakishly-coiffed Peter as he rescues a group of Lost Boy orphans from the aerial assault of the Luftwaffe, and his effortless leadership inspires them to act bravely in order to help save themselves. The stage is set for action, adventure, and a bit of romance as the boys try to evade the Germans and find Belle, the mystery woman Peter is seeking.

I loved Tyler Jenkins’ artwork, especially his shots of Peter in action… he really expresses the feisty jauntiness we love about Peter Pan. I look forward to seeing how Kurtis Wiebe works in characters like Hook (you know he’ll be a nasty Nazi) and Tiger Lily (a French Resistance fighter, perhaps?)

If you enjoy Peter Pan or tales of WWII heroics, pick up issue #1 of Peter Panzerfaust today at one of our Conspiracy Comics locations!