Avengers 1959 #1

Picking up almost immediately after the “New Avengers” story that introduced Nick Fury’s heretofore unknown ‘Avengers,’ “Avengers 1959” #1 features Howard Chaykin writing and drawing the comic and — do I even need to continue the review? Chaykin writing and drawing this book is the reason why most are either interested in it or avoiding it. The legendary artist’s recent mainstream revival has produced work that has split readers on its merits…


Wonder Woman #2

“Wonder Woman” is such a tough sell of a comic, despite being one of DC Comics’ “trinity” of characters. Maybe it’s because the idea of “ambassador to man’s world” isn’t as instant a grab as “guardian of the night” or “the last son of Krypton,” but for whatever reason, iconic takes on “Wonder Woman” are few and far between.
I know it’s a little early to point toward this run and declare it to be iconic…


Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive #524

The “Spider-Island” tie-ins seem to work because they satellite around the concept of the event, not the actual story. Black Panther gets his own set of issues for this Spider-Man event because he, too, is in Manhattan. There is no Spider-Man in this book. This book must succeed on the power of its own story, and in that regard it does. This is a fun issue that requires no knowledge of the overall event, except for the one panel given in the recap…


Innistrad Game Day events

Attention Magic players! Conspiracy Comics will be holding Innistrad game day events this Saturday October 29th at our Burlington and Hamilton locations.

These events will be Standard format, and everyone is more than welcome to come out and play. All entrants will recive a full art limited edition Diregraf Ghoul (while supplies last… don’t worry we have lots!) and the top 8 players will recive a foil full art Elite Inquisitor!

Entry will be $5 and registration will be between 11 & 12.

For anyone interested, event decks (Deathfed & Hold the Line) will arrive this Friday (October 28th). These event decks look as competitive as ever, and are great deck choices for the upcoming Innistrad game day tournament… or for those who are looking for a good deck to crush their opponents!


And how could I resist mentioning that volume 10 of Yotsuba&! has been released.  This darling series about an odd young girl and her slice of life adventures have captured the hearts of many readers – of all ages.  From the famous pen of Azumanga Diaoh creator Kiyohiko Azuma.

Full series available at all stores – manga only, Kiyohiko Azuma has repeatedly said there are no plans for an anime of this series, as the stories and art are not suited for animation.  Read it now!

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan

From Shojo manga to Shonen we’ve got you covered.  Make sure to check out a new series from Viz called Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan.  This shonen sets itself apart with lavishly drawn pages and attention to detail.  Featuring many of Japan’s Yokai (spirits) both famous and lesser known Nura chronicles the struggle of monsters and humans trying to coexist in a modern world.  With special entries at the back of the books talking about the crazy characters within, you’ll be up on your Yokai  knowledge in no time!

Sailor Moon

What other manga could I possibly start this blog off with but the anticipated return of a beloved classic – Sailor Moon!

It’s been over 10 years since we’ve seen her in print, and isn’t she fabulous.  Uncut, uncensored – with the original Japanese covers gracing the books as well!  Enough to make any hardcore fan happy, and introduce a whole new generation to the greatest of all Magical Girl series.


Make sure to check out Sailor-V as well, the story of Sailor Venus that never hit our shores in the first place!