Our customers are awesome – Michael Walsh edition

Michael Walsh is an artist and illustrator, best known for drawing the Image/Shadowline mini-series COMEBACK. He has created art for the Shuster nominated web series MURDER BOOK and also the comic series BROTHER JAMES, which will be released in April. More of his work can be found at www.mewalsh.com and misterwalsh.tumblr.com.

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RECONNECT can bring back a lost loved one who was taken too soon. They can go back into the past, and rescue your mother, wife, brother, father or child moments before their untimely demise and bring them to present day to reunite your family. However, the service comes with a large fee – both financial and emotional. Financially, the cost is high enough to make it available to only the elite. Since time travel is illegal, once rescued, reunited families must go into a witness protection style of living and never again have contact with others from their past – which is the emotional price of the service.

Mark, one member of the four man team that makes up Reconnect, finds himself stuck in the past when a mission to rescue a woman (Kelly) goes sideways. Now Mark has to thwart the investigation that results – an investigation that threatens to shut down Reconnect and leave Mark trapped in the past and, potentially, dead.