Oakville Store FNM!

Starting Friday February 1st Oakville will begin holding Booster Draft FNMs (Friday Night Magic) every week for only $12!

February 1st being the release of Gatecrash also means you will get a chance to draft the newest set of magic as soon as it’s released.

Registration for the Event will begin at 6pm every week and Drafting will begin at 6:30pm.

The Entry fee for our FNM Drafts are ONLY $12!!! This gets you 3 packs you will use to draft, and in addition 1 pack for every entrant will added to the prize pool. That’s 4 packs for $12! Not only that but you will get a chance to win foil FNM Promo cards, previous cards have included Blood Braid Elf and Lingering souls!