Now In Stock: Dungeons & Dragons v.3.5 Edition Core Rulebook Premium Reprints

Earlier this year, Wizards of the Coast re-released their classic 1st Edition Rulebooks in premium reprints — now, you can add the v.3.5 Premium Editions of the Player’s Handbook, the Dungeon Master’s Guide, and the Monster Manual to your collection!

The Player’s Handbook has all the rules players need to create characters, select equipment, and engage in combat with a variety of supernatural and mythical foes.

The Dungeon Master’s Guide provides the DM with advice, guidelines, and everything he or she needs to create challenges, adventures, and full-fledged D&D campaigns, including sections on prestige classes, magic items, and character rewards.

The Monster Manual contains material that players and DMs alike will find useful. With hundreds of monsters to populate all levels of dungeons, this tome also includes monster creation rules, information on playing monsters as characters, details on monster tactics, and powered-up versions of standard creatures.

Drop in to your closest Conspiracy Comics and check out these brilliant new editions today!