New Citadel Paint Range from Games Workshop

Achieve great results on every miniature you paint! There are now 145 new colours of Citadel paint available in seven different formulas (Base Paints, Shades, Dry Compounds, Layer Paints, Glazes, Textures and Technical.)

– A high concentration of pigment makes them perfect for basecoating your miniature. 34 Base paints include Ceramite White, Mephiston Red, Macragge Blue, Ratskin Flesh and Abaddon Black among others.

SHADE – To add depth to your models, create areas of darker colour, define the details and add the appearance of shadows. 12 Shades from all across the colour spectrum, including orange, purple, green and black.

DRY – To pick out the details on a model, or apply highlights quickly and easily. The first Citadel paint created specifically for drybrushing. 15 Dry Compounds include Changeling Pink, Necron Compound, Hexos Palesun and Eldar Flesh.

LAYER– For the main colours of your model, they also make for excellent highlights. 70(!!!) colours, everything from red and yellow to gold and silver are a part of this range.

GLAZE – To intensify a colour, or to make an area of a miniature really stand out. Also good for restoring colour to an over-highlighted area. 4 Glazes include yellow, red, green and blue.

TEXTURE – Contains a mixture of paint and fine grit, which can be used to texture the bases of your miniatures. 6 Textures let you  paint your bases to look sandy, dusty, snowy, muddy, or swampy.

TECHNICAL –  4  specialist formulas that have been designed for a specific painting or modelling role, like Liquid Green Stuff and ‘Ardcoat Gloss Varnish.