New Anime – Gamers, Girls and the Son of Satan

Keima Katsuragi is an elite among the world of dating-sim gamers.  A game God who can conquer any girl provided she’s not real.  He takes on what he believes to be the ultimate challenge only to find out he’s made a deal with Hell and a demon girl named Elsie to chase lost demons out of real girl’s souls.  Now he must take what he learned in the 2D world and apply it to winning over girl’s hearts in 3D – or die trying.  Will the same rules even apply?

At first glance this may seem like any other harem release but look closer.  It’s a romantic comedy where the main character, Keima, must overcome his fear or human connection.  At first it’s hard to like Keima.  He’s negative and sometimes downright cruel to those around him.  However this is a highly intelligent young man who has spent his life being hated on by other people (especially girls) and who has built a defense wall around himself using the 2D world.  I would recommend the World God Only Knows to anyone looking for a romantic comedy with something just a bit different.
Watch World God Only Knows Japanese Trailer Here

Yamada’s First Time (B Gata H Kei) is what Anime News Network calls “A very funny comedy of discomfort.”  Yamada has decided to have sex with 100 different guys before she graduates.  Only problem?  She’s a virgin and the guys around her want women with more experience.

Yamada’s First Time Trailer Here


A mature Shonen title that surprised me with it’s crisp and clean animation, it’s interesting and distinctive characters, and it’s sweet opening and ending tunes.  Rin and his brother Yukio have been raised by a priest but what to do when Rin discovers he’s actually the son of Satan complete with blue flame powers?  Add to that the gates of Hell are opening and the end of the world is at hand – brought about by … Rin? Blue Exorcist Trailer

When an android shows up in horny teenager Tomoki’s life everything turns upside down.  Especially after it’s discovered the busty android can grant her master Tomoki’s wishes!  He better be careful what he wishes for or he’s going to drown in a sea of panties.  Or maybe…that’s what he wants…

Heaven\’s Lost Property Trailer Here