Come out this Saturday at 1030am and Sunday at 1200pm for the Theros Beyond Death Prerelease at our 2388 Fairview St location!

MTG Theros Beyond Death Prerelease offers players their first chance to play with the new set a week before it goes on sale!

Each player will receive a Prerelease Pack that they can use after the event as a take-home deck box. Inside each Prerelease box, players will find six Theros Beyond Death booster packs, a spindown life counter, a themed insert, and a randomized, date-stamped premium promo card, drawn from any rare or mythic rare in the set.

For this event, players may use the promo card included with the Prerelease Pack in their tournament deck. Theros Beyond Death booster packs will be included in the prize pool. Cost is $36 +tax per person.