Manga Spring Picks – Titles to Read In The Sunshine

Spring is here and with the nicer weather it’s good to get outside and spend some time in the sun.  But what do you bring with you to read while basking?  Here are my suggestions for some of the best new releases going into Spring.

IS THIS A ZOMBIE?  Also known as “Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?”  A book that takes the harem genre and turns it upside down into a parody-style comedy with plenty of action.  Ayumu Aikawa is killed one night by a local serial killer then revived as a zombie by an adorable and well-meaning necromancer.  He then drains a local magical girl of her powers and has to use the powers and fight the big “evils” that appear – complete with costume and magical chainsaw.  Add a vampire ninja in his already crowded household and Ayumu has seemingly died and gone to heaven.  But has he really?

BLOOD BLOCKADE BATTLEFRONT – From the creator of TRIGUN comes an action packed supernatural science fiction manga as only Yasuhiro Nightow can create!  A gateway to the Beyond opened up over New York City and a bubble trapped New Yorkers and extra dimensional beings inside.  Rebuilt and renamed New Jerusalem dwellers have lived together in this paranormal melting pot for years.  Filled with magic and madness there is a group trying to destroy the bubble and release New Jerusalem’s horrors into the world.  Only a group of super-powered agents have the means to prevent the unthinkable.  Fans of TRIGUN will recognize Nightow’s signature artwork and story pacing.  BBB moves at a breathtaking pace with panels full of action, humor, drama and more.  Monsters are delightfully Lovecraftian and the story contains enough twists and turns to keep readers guessing.  Fans of Shonen wanting a mature read, Sci-Fi fans, and super hero fans alike will love Blood Blockade Battlefront.

If you love stories about love but are tired of the sickly-sweet Shojo fare that usually graces the shelves than A DEVIL AND HER LOVE SONG is the title for you.  Maria Kawaii is an exquisite beauty with a tongue of acid.  Kicked out of her private school and forced into public she has little confidence in herself and believes she “taints” people simply by being near them.  She attracts attention as soon as she enters her new classroom – most of it negative – but two boys just might be able to see the rose behind the thorns.  This is not a typical love story – despite the title.  What we have here is a story about a girl coming to like herself and helping the two boys who pay attention to her to understand themselves better as well.  Blame shifting and bullying are two themes in this manga and though it does have romantic elements, it’s more about Maria’s esteem and her journey of self discovery and love of herself.  Watching Maria work through things makes this a series to follow as it chronicles the life of a girl who sings like an angel but thinks herself a devil.

In spring patios open up and wine drinkers sit outside to enjoy their beverage.  Why not add a story that has won acclaim all over the world as the perfect capture of the beauty of wine.  DROPS OF GOD  has won several cookbook and wine magazine awards and is accredited with affecting the very economics of wine worldwide.  That’s not something many manga can boast.  Penned by the creator behind Getbackers, Drops of God is a refreshing change of genre for anyone looking for something “different” to devour.  Learn about legendary bottles as well as affordable secrets while enjoying a page-turner that’s not about superheroes but people with jobs to keep. When world-renowned wine critic Kanzaki passes away, his will reveals that his fortune of a wine collection isn’t bequeathed as a matter of course to his only son, who in a snub went to work sales at a beer company. To come into the inheritance, Shizuku must identify-in competition with a stellar young critic-twelve heaven-sent wines whose impressions the will describes in flowing terms…  Since 2009 people have hailed Drops Of God as the best thing ever to hit comics.  Turns out the hype is right, this is good comic.  It’s exciting, clever, unusual, and the execution is dead on.  So grab a glass of wine (or grape juice if you’re under age), find a comfy spot outside and enjoy Drops of God today.