Jonathan Hickman’s The Red Wing now in Trade Paperback!

One of the best comic series of 2011 has just arrived in trade paperback format!

Part Star Wars, part BSG, part Back to the Future (and featuring the gorgeous art of newcomer Nick Pitarra) The Red Wing is a mindbending science fiction story about future space fighter pilots who fight wars in four dimensions rather than three.  That’s right: they fly through space AND TIME!  Hickman’s elliptical and recursive narrative structure quite intentionally leaves readers questioning the very notions of causality we presume the universe operates by while carefully unfolding the story.

The series was both a staff and customer favorite during its original publication run in the summer even cracking the Top 10 selling comics titles in our stores during that period.  Now it promises to gain even wider acclaim as a graphic novel in Hickman’s expanding library of inventive and original creator owned science fiction works such as Pax Romana and The Nightly News.

But that’s not all!  Regularly compared to industry giants such as Alan Moore and Grant Morrison Hickman continues to be one of the most exciting new voices in mainstream superhero comics as well.

As the chief architect of Marvel’s Fantastic Four Hickman has created the best long run on the first family of the Marvel Universe in a generation.  Full of big, bold, and elaborate science fiction ideas as well as tender character moments Hickman’s run has been continuously willing to take risks while balancing reinvention of the FF with a respect for the long (and important) lineage of the book.  This run is so much more than simply the death of the Human Torch and if you’ve enjoyed the creator owned work of Hickman I strongly suggest beginning with the first Fantastic Four by Hickman trade paperback or jumping on board the ongoing story in last month’s super-DUPER-sized – seriously, it had over 100 pages of new content! – Fantastic Four #600.  Or, vice versa, if you’ve enjoyed Hickman’s work in the Marvel Universe why not check out some of his great creator owned titles?

And that’s before I even begin to mention his other great Marvel titles S.H.I.E.L.D. and Secret Warriors and reinvention of the Ultimates books in the new Ultimate Comics Ultimates!