Durarara!! – New Release Excitement

This.  I’ve been waiting for this.  A manga release I can get behind, get excited about, put in your hands and with confidence say “read this, you’ll love it.  It’s different.”

Durarara is a mixture of everything – shonen, shojo, sci-fi, fantasy, urban, action, adventure, horror, psycological thriller, supernatural – there’s literally something in here for everyone.

At it’s heart is a story of the power of social networking and that we are all connected somehow – no matter how thin those connections appear at first.

In Ikebukuro Tokyo’s wildest and often most dangerous characters gather.

A young boy dreaming of adventure.  A stalker.  The strongest man in Ikebukuro.  A shut-in doctor with questionable credentials.  A hedonistic informant.  A headless “horseman”.  Street thugs with a love of moe anime girls.  A large Russian selling sushi on a street corner.  Everyone has a secret.  And everyone is connected.

Unique and fascinating characters drive Durarara and the stories within.  Be swept up in their lives and enjoy the ride as storylines converge and mysteries are revealed.

Interesting side note – the name “Drrr!! or Durarara!!” represents the sound that Celty’s moterbike makes as she zips around the city scaring the citizens.  Not intentionally of course.