Dungeons & Dragons Encounters: Council of Spiders

SEEK POWER AND SERVE LOLTH (or your own interests)

The new season runs Wednesday August 29 to Wednesday October 17, 2012!

Note: Optional character creation session will take place Saturday, August 25th at 2pm at the Burlington location.

Earn exclusive rewards & prizes and become a player of great Renown!!

The Spider Queen’s intent to gain control of arcane magic requires agents of the matriarchal Ruling Council, the mercenaries of Bregan D’aerthe, and the arcane Council of Spiders to act together in order to retrieve an ancient artifact. As Menzoberranzan teeters on the brink of open civil war, you and your “companions” are each poised to tip the balance in your faction’s favour.

Your spies have uncovered a potential threat form the surface – an elf wizard has built a construct designed to slaughter every last drow in the Underdark, starting with Menzoberranzan. Together with agents from the other noble houses, you must attack the arcane workshop, destroy the drowslayer construct – and Kill the Wizard.

D&D Lair Assault offers you a gaming experience where the difference between victory and defeat depends on your game knowledge, ability to adapt, and a little bit of luck. Bring extra character sheets, and pick up some D&D fortune cards – you’ll need ’em.