Dolls, Dancing and Drawing – oh my!

They are ancient.  They are magical.  They are adorable…..and they are deadly!  One of our all-time favorite anime is back in stock, in a brand-new complete boxset that includes both season 1 and season 2!

Rozen Maiden follows the story of a young boy afraid to go to school and addicted to online shopping.  When he orders a mysterious doll he is dragged into a world where magical, live dolls fight to keep their friendships – and their lives.  Memorable characters, beautiful animation, a sometimes creepy but often touching story and a good mix of serious and silly – Rozen Maiden is an instant classic and fan favorite.

Watch the Trailer for Rozen Maiden Here!

Also back in stock is another staff favorite – Princess Tutu.  Classical music is used to set the mood in this ballet-themed fairy tale.  She’s a duck who becomes a girl who becomes a magical girl – all to find the pieces of her true love’s heart.  Part magical girl story, part classical fairy tale this anime will enchant anyone who sees it.  Princess Tutu will take viewers on a ride full of heartache, humour, romance, beauty, darkness and light.

Great for anime lovers of all ages and genders make sure not to let Princess Tutu pass your anime collection by!


Watch the Japanese Trailer for Princess Tutu here (with subs)

Have you ever wanted to draw your own Manga?  Do you think you have what it takes to be the next big thing?  Bakuman explores the legacy of two young aspiring manga creators who have the talent and the drive (but do they have the luck?) to become Japan’s next big hit.

Inspired by the manga of the same name, Bakuman is from the creative team that brought us the smash hit Death Note.

Now in stores – the first disk of this popular anime.  Drop by and get your copy today!

Watch the Bakuman Trailer Here!