Cool Reads – Dark Crystal, Friends With Boys and Courtney Crumrin

A prequel to the wondrous movie The Dark Crystal this graphic novel explores the legend of Aughra, the beginnings of the Gelflings and the saga of the bright crystal and how it’s healing light is corrupted into darkness. With a forward by Brian Froud about the original story, his influences and what it was like to work with the legendary Jim Henson. A must for fans of Brian Froud (who, though not the artist, oversaw the plot and character design) and of Jim Henson who would be happy to see a further exploration into one of the most-loved fantasy worlds of all time.

Maggie has been home schooled by her mother…until now.  Her mother has left and Maggie has to start high school alone.  She’s only ever been friends with her brothers – but high school means finding your own way, and your own friends.  Oh – and to top it all off Maggie is haunted.  This coming-of-age story with a supernatural twist will appeal to readers of all ages.  Amazing artwork reminiscent of Scott Pilgrim with special detail to character design.  Fun and touching – a Conspiracy must read!

A well executed kids book with just the right level of darkness to excite and enthrall younger readers.  Courtney’s parents have moved in with her creepy Uncle Aloysius who, as it turns out, is a warlock.  Now Courtney, training to be a witch, is an outcast among her snobby schoolmates and finds herself drawn deeper into the world of magic, monsters and “night things”.  A great choice for fans of Harry Potter, Beetlejuice, Squee, Lenore or other spooky/magical titles.  As a bonus this 10th anniversary offering is now in colour!