CLAMP – Japan’s Leading Ladies of Manga

CLAMP.  If you’ve read any manga or seen any anime chances are you’ve stumbled upon the creative genius of this four-women crew.  With millions of fans world wide CLAMP is one of the most widely known and beloved of all manga creators.  As well they should be.  From fantasy to horror, romance to slice of life, magical girl to post-apocalyptic – CLAMP knows how to spin a good story with memorable characters and drop-dead gorgeous artwork.

With so many new releases and old favorites showing up on our shelves here at Conspiracy, I decided to dedicate an entire post to the wonder and magic that is CLAMP.  Read on to learn what’s new, what’s old, and what you should be reading!

GATE 7 –  Shy schoolboy Chikahito finally takes a long-desired trip to Kyoto and gets more than he bargained for when he is caught up in the mystical world of Hana and her comrades.  With arguably one of the most adorable characters I’ve ever seen in a CLAMP title, Gate 7 is a perfect manga for those who have never read any CLAMP titles before.  They keep you guessing at Hana’s gender and pepper the story with tidbits of Japanese history – specifically about Kyoto.  Add to that a return to CLAMP’s older style of artwork and I’m excited to see what comes next!

KOBATO –  If comedy is more your cup of tea, meet Kobato Hanato – a sweet and simple girl on a quest to have her dearest wish granted.  She must fill a bottle with the suffering from wounded hearts she herself has healed but with common sense being something she lacks, Kobato is finding these very hard tasks indeed!  For those of you who are familiar with CLAMP’s other books, the appearance of several “older” characters in this universe will tickle you.  An innocent title with matching innocence in the artwork, Kobato will be sure to win your heart as well!

X – The epic masterwork from CLAMP is now available in a three-in-one collector’s edition.  Out of print for years I’m excited to finally present this title to a new generation of manga readers!  A young man is determined to protect those he loves from the dark forces around him.  For he is the nexus of a great cataclysm to come and inheritor to a strange destiny that could decide the fate of the entire world.  Featuring full color pages of CLAMP’s beautiful artwork this is a must-read for all manga fans.


Our shelves are bursting with manga to read and I highly recommend you pick up at least one CLAMP title.  Also available are Chobits, Cardcaptor Sakura, XXXholic, Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle and Magic Knight Rayearth.  Many of these titles are available in ANIME form as well!