I have to admit to going through a cycle of ambivalence to excitement and then uncertainty when it comes to the Before Watchmen books. On the one hand, Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons is an example of sequential art perfection that is unparalleled in mainstream comics – an achievement for which both creators have been treated unfairly by DC Comics. On the other hand, we are getting more material from the Watchmen world, and who couldn’t be excited by that? My greatest concern was that the Before Watchmen books would be simple hack derivatives of Watchmen, with no originality or personality of their own.

This week sees the launch of the first in a four-week cycle of releases (with more to follow through July and August) of the Before Watchmen books. Appropriately, Minutemen by Darwyn Cooke kicks off the line. More and spoilers after the jump.

Minutemen #1 was awesome.



Saga #1 – This is how an idea becomes real

One of the most anticipated new comics to come out this month by far is Saga #1 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples. The next in line of Image’s outstanding new releases for its 20th anniversary, Saga is sure to be a book you won’t want to miss out on and is the first new ongoing comic work by Vaughan since the conclusion of his Vertigo classic Y: The Last Man.

Starting with a birth and the line “this is how an idea becomes real” at the top of the page, Saga works largely as a space opera in which two lovers on opposing sides of a war go rogue and try to have a life together. One of the cleverest aspects of the first issue is the identity of the narrator – the child that the couple have together.
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Neonomicon – A twisted story I couldn’t read fast enough!

I definitely like the classic super hero stuff but I’m older now and I find that a lot of the super hero books just don’t draw me in the way they used to. I wish they did. Recapturing that feeling I had when I was 15 and sitting down to read X-Men or Warlord or many of the other titles of the day would be awesome. Being north of 40 my tastes have changed. These days I find I’m interested in some of the more adult stuff. Horror, action and of course the part that cuts across everything – a great story. My tastes aren’t the same as everyone’s – and that’s okay. Something clever or creepy – something that’s different – that’s what grabs me these days. Continue reading “Neonomicon – A twisted story I couldn’t read fast enough!”


Crimes, crooked cops, comely dames and chthonic cults…
Fatale covers it all.

One of the most eagerly awaited titles for Conspiracy Comics staff, Fatale met and exceeded our expectations. Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips have once again combined their literary and artistic talents to create a tale that is dark and darkly humourous, sexy and suspenseful; offering subtle hints of the mysterious horrors to come. Continue reading “FATALE #1”

Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha & Omega #1

Kid Omega ramps up his psychwar with Alpha male Wolverine in this first issue of a five part mini-series.

Taking place just after the events in Jason Aaron’s Wolverine and the X-Men #1, Brian Wood takes us deeper into Quentin Quire’s complicated relationship with Logan, and gives us a glimpse of the awesome potential of Kid Omega’s powers. Continue reading “Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha & Omega #1”

New and Upcoming DVD Releases

OREIMO – Also known as “There’s No Way My Sister Can Be This Cute”

Oreimo is one of the hottest new releases to hit North American shores.  An Otaku favorite this series is now in stock in a Ltd Edition boxset that includes many, many extras!

Find out why everyone’s talking about Oreimo!  Oreimo Trailer

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CLAMP – Japan’s Leading Ladies of Manga

CLAMP.  If you’ve read any manga or seen any anime chances are you’ve stumbled upon the creative genius of this four-women crew.  With millions of fans world wide CLAMP is one of the most widely known and beloved of all manga creators.  As well they should be.  From fantasy to horror, romance to slice of life, magical girl to post-apocalyptic – CLAMP knows how to spin a good story with memorable characters and drop-dead gorgeous artwork.

With so many new releases and old favorites showing up on our shelves here at Conspiracy, I decided to dedicate an entire post to the wonder and magic that is CLAMP.  Read on to learn what’s new, what’s old, and what you should be reading!

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Avengers 1959 #1

Picking up almost immediately after the “New Avengers” story that introduced Nick Fury’s heretofore unknown ‘Avengers,’ “Avengers 1959” #1 features Howard Chaykin writing and drawing the comic and — do I even need to continue the review? Chaykin writing and drawing this book is the reason why most are either interested in it or avoiding it. The legendary artist’s recent mainstream revival has produced work that has split readers on its merits…

Wonder Woman #2

“Wonder Woman” is such a tough sell of a comic, despite being one of DC Comics’ “trinity” of characters. Maybe it’s because the idea of “ambassador to man’s world” isn’t as instant a grab as “guardian of the night” or “the last son of Krypton,” but for whatever reason, iconic takes on “Wonder Woman” are few and far between.
I know it’s a little early to point toward this run and declare it to be iconic…