Dolls, Dancing and Drawing – oh my!

They are ancient.  They are magical.  They are adorable…..and they are deadly!  One of our all-time favorite anime is back in stock, in a brand-new complete boxset that includes both season 1 and season 2!

Rozen Maiden follows the story of a young boy afraid to go to school and addicted to online shopping.  When he orders a mysterious doll he is dragged into a world where magical, live dolls fight to keep their friendships – and their lives.  Memorable characters, beautiful animation, a sometimes creepy but often touching story and a good mix of serious and silly – Rozen Maiden is an instant classic and fan favorite.

Watch the Trailer for Rozen Maiden Here!

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Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint It, White!

Alien invaders. A World united. Weird Goo. LOL WUT?

It’s totally the end of the world in
Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint it, White! This full-length flick
brings all your fave boys together in modern times with one goal: Drop the bro-hammer on some alien invaders! The Pictorians have arrived from deep in space. They also have dangly glow-balls on their heads, which is kinda cool, but still. The freaky aliens are using use their crazy rainbow-beam-thingy to paint everything on Earth the same color: white! Continue reading “Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint It, White!”

New and Upcoming DVD Releases

OREIMO – Also known as “There’s No Way My Sister Can Be This Cute”

Oreimo is one of the hottest new releases to hit North American shores.  An Otaku favorite this series is now in stock in a Ltd Edition boxset that includes many, many extras!

Find out why everyone’s talking about Oreimo!  Oreimo Trailer

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