Weekly MTG Standard in Hamilton on Thursdays

Magic players: looking for a place to test out your Standard deck with some regular play before the next big tournament?  You’re in luck!

Conspiracy Comics is now hosting regular weekly Standard tournaments for Magic: The Gathering at our (Westdale) Hamilton location every Thursday night.

Entry fee: $5 and the tournament starts around 6-6:15pm.

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MTG: Graveborn Premium Deck

Get ready to “Call Forth the Dead.”

Magic: The Gathering Premium Deck Series: Graveborn is now in stock and goes on sale at all three Conspiracy Comics locations Friday, Nov. 18th!

Priced at $39.99 Graveborn is a limited run ALL FOIL undead themed deck that “entombs, exhumes, and reanimates some of the most powerful creatures from all five colours of mana.”

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At Conspiracy Comics we have a long history of trading for and selling magic singles. We are interested in trading for any standard singles (type 2) that you may have. We also have a large selection of singles from older sets for people interested in buying cards to improve their EDH, Modern, Legacy, and Vintage decks. Our selection is great and so are our prices!


Innistrad Game Day events

Attention Magic players! Conspiracy Comics will be holding Innistrad game day events this Saturday October 29th at our Burlington and Hamilton locations.

These events will be Standard format, and everyone is more than welcome to come out and play. All entrants will recive a full art limited edition Diregraf Ghoul (while supplies last… don’t worry we have lots!) and the top 8 players will recive a foil full art Elite Inquisitor!

Entry will be $5 and registration will be between 11 & 12.

For anyone interested, event decks (Deathfed & Hold the Line) will arrive this Friday (October 28th). These event decks look as competitive as ever, and are great deck choices for the upcoming Innistrad game day tournament… or for those who are looking for a good deck to crush their opponents!