Avengers 1959 #1

Picking up almost immediately after the “New Avengers” story that introduced Nick Fury’s heretofore unknown ‘Avengers,’ “Avengers 1959” #1 features Howard Chaykin writing and drawing the comic and — do I even need to continue the review? Chaykin writing and drawing this book is the reason why most are either interested in it or avoiding it. The legendary artist’s recent mainstream revival has produced work that has split readers on its merits…


Wonder Woman #2

“Wonder Woman” is such a tough sell of a comic, despite being one of DC Comics’ “trinity” of characters. Maybe it’s because the idea of “ambassador to man’s world” isn’t as instant a grab as “guardian of the night” or “the last son of Krypton,” but for whatever reason, iconic takes on “Wonder Woman” are few and far between.
I know it’s a little early to point toward this run and declare it to be iconic…


Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive #524

The “Spider-Island” tie-ins seem to work because they satellite around the concept of the event, not the actual story. Black Panther gets his own set of issues for this Spider-Man event because he, too, is in Manhattan. There is no Spider-Man in this book. This book must succeed on the power of its own story, and in that regard it does. This is a fun issue that requires no knowledge of the overall event, except for the one panel given in the recap…