Jonathan Hickman’s The Red Wing now in Trade Paperback!

One of the best comic series of 2011 has just arrived in trade paperback format!

Part Star Wars, part BSG, part Back to the Future (and featuring the gorgeous art of newcomer Nick Pitarra) The Red Wing is a mindbending science fiction story about future space fighter pilots who fight wars in four dimensions rather than three.  That’s right: they fly through space AND TIME!  Hickman’s elliptical and recursive narrative structure quite intentionally leaves readers questioning the very notions of causality we presume the universe operates by while carefully unfolding the story.

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Big Questions acknowledged by the New York Times

In another reminder of the literary quality of many comic books Anders Nilsen’s epic graphic novel Big Questions. Or, Asomatognosia: Whose Hand Is It Anyway? has been selected by the New York Times Book Review as one of the “100 Notable Books of 2011” in the category of Fiction & Poetry.

Published this year by Montreal based Drawn & Quarterly Big Questions is a monstrosity of a book that checks in at nearly 600 pages and uses the story of a flock of small birds as a vehicle to explore deeply existential and metaphysical questions.

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Action Comics #3: How to read Grant Morrison hyper-compression!

Morrisonian hyper-compression at its very best, my favourite comic that I’ve read since Batman Incorporated #7, and everything I’ve been waiting for this series to be! The best part: after the first two issues I didn’t expect to be this excited about Action Comics until at least the end of the first year.  So
good and so much to chew on.

My concern is that I expect this issue may cause frustration for some readers because “it felt like there were panels missing.”

Here’s the thing though: there were.

(Minor spoilers and a lot more text after the break.)

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