Happy Batman Day!

Batman is a huge part of the comic book landscape and one of the most well-known characters in the world. Inspired by Sherlock Holmes and Leonardo Da Vinci[‘s inventions, sic], he combines a razor keen intellect with underappreciated creativity. On top of that he’s a martial arts combat master who executes with startling hostility and aggression when taking on criminals and wrongdoers. He’s the superhero anyone could become, given the time, resources, and inclination.

Frank Miller is still probably the most well-known creator associated with Batman, even moreso than his creators Bill Finger and Bob Kane. Most people have a preferred version of Batman, but as Miller put it “you can do Batman fifty different ways, and they all work.”

Batman is a huge part of the business here at Conspiracy. Not just on the comic shelves where he appears in fully half of the books DC puts out every month. But of course also in merchandise. People love their bat-periphenalia!

Come in and check out some Batman stuff. We have three full shelves of Batman trade paperbacks and graphic novels, hundreds of back issues, more Batman Funko pops than anyone else, and tons of cool Batman T-shirts and action figures.

Recommended Batman reads:

Batman is in an aslyum, known to have committed many crimes, and a rehabilitated Joker is free to walk the streets of Gotham. A new status quo for the dark knight indeed.

Completely epic and over the top, like an old heavy metal album cover come to life.

Scott Snyder adds a new permanent feature to the lore of Batman and Gotham city. Just a great read.

Opinions vary on the story. But most will agree this is some of the very best Batman art to this day. Alan Moore was told this was the last Batman story before a crisis event would wipe it from continuity. So he was free to be as mean to the characters as he liked. Otherwise even Alan Moore wouldn’t have written something so harsh.

This black label miniseries features art by Lee Bermejo, whose equipment laden version of the caped crusader was most influential on the look of the recent cinematic iteration.

We usually keep these in stock. Quantities are low but we can always order more, so just let us know if you want a copy. Happy Batman day!

Yes, we are hiring!

We keep busy with several locations and frequent conventions. Many of our customers think it’d be fun to work here, and they’re right. Among other benefits, staff enjoy a 20% discount on all store product!

We do most of our recruiting through Indeed. If you’re interested in working in one of our stores, see the current job listings on our Indeed profile.

As of August 03 2022 we are looking to hire:

  • Team Lead (Oakville Place)
  • Team Lead (Limeridge Mall)
  • Sales Associate (Oakville Place)
  • Sales Associate Part-Time (Square One)
  • Sales Associate (Yorkdale)
  • Sales Associate (Sherway Gardens)

Saturday May 7th is Free Comic Book Day!

It’s the happiest day of the comic book calendar. The day when you can walk into any comics store and walk out with a free comic book. All our locations will be participating. So make sure to drop by and get a free taste of some of the exciting, adventurous, and artistically avant garde books the industry is putting out right now. Nothing is better than free comics, aside from maybe free food!

May The Fourth Be With You

Star Wars has always been a big deal to many people working and shopping here at Conspiracy Comics. George Lucas studied mythology from an anthropological POV, which led to him purposefully writing the story on a mythic level. It resonates with nearly every culture in the world as we can all relate to the struggle of the rebellion. Most people can (hopefully) see themselves in the plucky underdog Luke, brave and defiant princess Leia, antihero big brother Han Solo, or the wise protective parental figure of Obi-Wan.

In a world that is divided by many national, cultural, and religious lines, a thing like Star Wars that brings everyone together to cheer for the same “good” is worth far more than just entertainment.

Beyond all that we’re excited for the recent developments in Star Wars TV and comics. We’ll always carry the newest Star Wars merchandise and collectibles. So come to us when you’re looking for that hard-to-find Funko Pop, T-shirt, or poster. And if you want to drop your opinion on The Mandalorian, the prequels/sequels, or anything else Star Wars related while you’re here, please do because that’s all part of the comic shop experience!

Our online Star Wars collection (we have much more in our stores):
STAR WARS (May the 4th Be With You)

We are at Toronto Comicon

We’re doing the convention thing all year, starting with Toronto Comicon this weekend. Come see us at booth #505 for a massive selection of manga, anime, comics, and all kinds of pop-culture inspired stuff like pillows, posters, keychains, magnets, T-shirts, and more!

Superhero Pops Are Moving Fast

Flash and Superman racing (Justice League Funko Pops)Who you putting your money on in the 1000 kilometre dash? We are betting on The Flash, because Superman’s speed is restricted by the limits of 4D spacetime. The speedforce puts Barry beyond those limits.

Flash and Superman racing is one of the most fun tropes out of DC comics. We posed some Funko Pops to immortalize this moment from the Justice League movie. Technically this was the ending of the 2017 Whedon cut and not included in Zack Snyder’s Justice League from 2021; while the specific pops shown are from the 2017 release, we do also carry newer ZSJL Funko Pops.

We have thousands of pops available right now. It’s a hot market and they move fast, like The Flash. Call or drop into one of our seven stores in the west-GTA, or reserve one for local pickup through our online store.

Boxing WEEK Sale!

We’ve decided to extend our Boxing Day sale to be a Boxing Week
sale. The same great deal applies: everything in our stores is 10% off this week, and when you spend $100 you will get a Mystery Gift Card which will save you an additional $5 to $100 off your purchase.

Sale ends Friday December 31.
Sale does not apply to online store purchases.