Neonomicon – A twisted story I couldn’t read fast enough!

I definitely like the classic super hero stuff but I’m older now and I find that a lot of the super hero books just don’t draw me in the way they used to. I wish they did. Recapturing that feeling I had when I was 15 and sitting down to read X-Men or Warlord or many of the other titles of the day would be awesome. Being north of 40 my tastes have changed. These days I find I’m interested in some of the more adult stuff. Horror, action and of course the part that cuts across everything – a great story. My tastes aren’t the same as everyone’s – and that’s okay. Something clever or creepy – something that’s different – that’s what grabs me these days.

I recently read Neonomicon by Alan Moore. I’ve always been a fan of the Cthulhu mythology. The 1920 detective approach to Cthulhu was my initial exposure to the concept (High school reading when I was looking for something other than Stephen King). My interest expanded with some RPG when I was younger and I’ve remained interested ever since. In short, the Cthulhu mythos posits that there are other dimensions and that “Old ones” occupy these dimension. You never want to encounter them (or their numerous minions) because once you do you are changed forever. In the role playing days the way it was handled was clever. Each encounter you had with an extra-dimension being increased certain abilities but reduced your sanity. Reach “0” sanity and it’s over.

Neonomicon takes this mythos and puts together a present day story with a troubled female detective. I don’t want to give anything about the story away, but suffice it to say it’s not a happy uplifting story. If you’re squeamish about violence or adult themes you want to stay away from this one. It’s a twisted story that I couldn’t read fast enough! If you’re easily offended stay away from this one. If you love a good horror story, aren’t squeamish about a rough story, and you are absolutely 18+ then this is a great read you’ll not soon forget!